Jumaat, Julai 03, 2015

Surat Terbuka Berani Mati Daripada Seorang Guru Untuk PM

Berani seorang guru ni yang menggunakan nama Jay Kassim meluahkan isi hati kepada PM menerusi laman sosial! Jom baca!!

Dear Prime Minister,
I'm a civil servant, I've served the country for a little over a decade and I'm not rich. I've been supporting the current ruling government since the day I was born. But lately I've been so angry with you and the cabinets for not handling the delicate financial issues tactfully. How I wish you would come down to our level to see how your people are truly living. Let me state a few issues that I think might have slipped from your attention.1. Gst is not helping the poor. Everyone is suffering. Do you know that your people go to the wet market, take a look at the price of goods and sigh? Do you realise that many of us buy a single fish (small one, mind) to feed a family of 5?2. The petrol price has increased by RM0.10 again this month. Honestly, at this rate, the price would go up to RM2.70 per litre like it used to when Pak Lah was 'reigning'. You might impose so many rules on the shops so they don't increase the price of daily necessities but how far can you control that? RM0.10 could be puny to some people, but to most of us, it's another burden that we can't afford to shoulder.3. To make us look good in the eyes of the world, we donate staggering amount of money to other countries suffering from disaster. Not to say that we can't do that, but kindness start from home. Have you seen the living quarters of the flood victims? Some are still living in tents, for crying out loud. Can't we use the money to build a better home for people who are affected by flood, or by the recent earthquake? After all, we too are recovering from various disastrous events so we could put our people at top priority for a change.I'm not sure if I'm going to get into trouble for writing this but sir, the situation is getting a little out of hand and it would be great if you could consider the welfare of your own people who have voted for you. Be our champion, not our oppressor.Most humble, An insignificant educator.