Khamis, Julai 02, 2015

8 Sebab Lelaki Ini Bosan Gila Tonton Gerak Khas

  • The lyrics of the theme song is ridiculous - Bergerak wahai demi untuk negara. Seriously, what the hell?
  • We know from the very beginning who's the culprit. No suspense, no mystery.
  • The makeup is so not convincing. Even pak pandir know it's syrup not blood dripping from the actor's face.
  • If you watch CSI, Eleventh Hour and Hannibal you will learn some history, psychology, chemistry and pathology facts. But did you learn anything after watching this series for 16 years?
  • Police officers in the series were portrayed as polite and have integrity but that's not so in reality. Only few are actually kind and soft-spoken. I'm sorry if my opinion offended anyone but this is what majority of us believe. Anyway, I would like to say thanks to kind-hearted police officers out there.
  • Gerak Khas recycle same shit over and over again. People get tired you know?
  • It's no longer funny. When I was a kid my family and I laughed out loud watching Inspektor Mazlan made joke and flirting with Inspektor Aleeza. But now everyone is so serious.
  • Gerak Khas handle all cases - deviant teaching, murder, drug abuse, human trafficking da da da. Seriously all cases? As far as I know there are Bahagian Jenayah Berat, Bahagian Dadah etc. Since when one Bahagian handle all criminal cases? I know the series is fictional but that is not a licence to make it so unrealistic and illogical.

This is just my opinion. If i'm wrong, you're more than welcome to correct me.
Fazrin Jamal

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Yaa i totally agreed with you , If they didnt have an idea , well at least improve their actions ( martial arts ) , an example like "Raid redemptions" if they want a hit.. Yaaa malaysian like an actions , Not like an actions just using handgun with so many asap je ..