Selasa, Mei 05, 2015

21 Ribu Gadis Diuji Bakat Untuk Watak Anak Aamir Khan

Tudiaaa, sampai 21 ribu orang anak gadis diuji bakat untuk jadi anak Aamir Khan, tapi still tak jumpa yang sesuai ikut kehendak skrip. Memang hebatlah production house ni kan! So, tak hairanlah filem Bollywood ni pasaran dia satu dunia! Filem kita? Setakat bungkus tepi, ikat tepi jelah... Malas cakap banyak!

Aamir Khan will be seen playing a father in his next film 'Dangal'. While he has been prepping for the role, the casting team is having a tough time auditioning girls who can essay the role of his daughters. The team has been scouting and has auditioned more than 21,000 girls till now. Zoom TV reports that they might have signed one real-life athlete but still looking for more. Director Nitesh Tiwari does not want to cast anyone from the industry. The casting has been going on since a couple of months. - Emirates24